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Dr. Rachel Stockhausen
Dr. Sarmad Alyas-Askar



Sit back, relax and enjoy your endodontic procedure in a new way.  Our 3D Zeiss goggles can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, You Tube or even a meditation video with zen music to put your mind at ease.  The headphones obscure the noise from the drill and provide a welcome distraction.  With Zeiss optics and high quality stereo sound you feel you are at the theater. Plus there are personalized diopter settings making it able to focus to all eye needs.  



Our office adheres to standards of infection control in accordance with MDA and OSHA guidelines. All handpieces and instruments are sterilized prior to treating each patient to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination. Our sterilization equipment is carefully monitored for 100% effectiveness. We use only safe and effective materials in connection with your treatment. Our dental equipment utilizes self-contained water supplies, capable of delivering bacteria-free sterile water during all surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Our priority is to provide expert endodontic treatment while maintaining a strict operating protocol. At your appointment, we will be happy to address any questions you may have.


X-ray procedures are an essential part of quality endodontic therapy. A major emphasis in our office has been to acquire technology which minimizes the already low radiation required. We utilize an advanced dental imaging system throughout out office.
Kodak RadioVisioGraphy (RVG) filmless digital radiography system utilizes an intraoral sensor in place of conventional x-ray film. The radiographic image is converted into an electronic signal that is interpreted by computer and displayed instantly onto our operatory workstation monitors. RVG reduces up to 80% of radiation exposure when compared to conventional x-ray film techniques. RVG provides us with improved diagnostic capabilities through image enhancement computer technology.


Root canal treatment can be described as the art of treating the smallest of dental tissues in the most difficult of locations. The introduction of the surgical operating microscope has revolutionized both surgical and nonsurgical endodontic treatment. The microscope provides the endodontist with commanding visual control in a remarkably precise manner previously unknown to endodontics. New treatment modalities have been developed which take advantage of the increased magnification and illumination of the microscope. Previously difficult or impossible procedures can now be performed predictably and efficiently.
Every treatment room is equipped with a Zeiss or Global Surgical Operating Microscope. Each microscope is equipped with a Canon T21 Digital SLR camera to allow the surgical assistant to view and assist with the procedure being performed. Our operatory computer network allows us to capture both photo and radiographic images.


Endodontic microsurgery is a surgical procedure utilizing the Surgical Operating Microscope and specialized microsurgical instruments to accomplish root end surgical procedures with a higher degree of precision that previously possible. Improved vision and reduced surgical trauma enhance long-term prognosis.


This technology is able to take a limited field scan of the tooth in high quality 3D images. The 3D image allows us to rotate the tooth in 360 degrees along any axis. This allows us to achieve more accurate diagnoses with more predictable treatment outcomes. It has helped us confirm or dismiss the need for endodontic treatment. This technology is safe and it quickly becoming the new standard in Endodontic treatment.