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Rachel Stockhausen DDS, MS
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Precision Endodontics

Call Us: (734) 744-9447

I am glad that my dentist referred me to Precision Endodontics for he truly knows that they do precision work as their name implies. I have never had such a great feeling and confidence to dental work prior to this experience. It was also my first time to know and meet Dr. Ali Aminlari. Dr. Ali Aminlari made sure that I was perfectly comfortable to get through the root canal procedure. Before he started the procedure he provided me with sunglasses to protect my eyes from glare looking directly up to the light; followed by a comfortable spacer between the lower and upper jaw to keep them open during the procedure. Additionally, he covered my entire mouth with latex leaving a small hole to avoid any dental chipping from falling into my mouth. I was also amazed by how skillful and knowledgeable Dr. Aminlari is that I hardly felt the anesthesia needle pock me. I have already started disseminating positive news about Precision Endodontics to my family and co-workers. Thank you so much all. Iskias Naizghi (11/17/2014)

Iskias Naizghi

I was very pleased with the work done at Precision Endodontics, the staff were friendly and helpful and everything was so easy! I loved the electronic forms, the office was beautiful and clean, and the equipment was all state of the art. Even the x-rays were digital, which I though was very cool! Dr Stockhausen did a great job on my root canal and I would definitely recommend her to my friends.

John H

I dislike work done on my teeth! That may be obvious considering the last time I had work done. However, the "root work" for lack of a better term recently done was comfortable, painless, and very successful. Besides the physical stuff, Dr Rachel and Sharronda were outstanding as they interacted with me during my "few hours" in the chair. I am fortunate to meet such pleasant and delightfull people and there care was awesome. Besides the goal of getting the work done I believe when you expereince being valued as an individual in a situation like that in this day and age.. Its a blessing! My last encounter 5 years ago, the dentist never stopped talking about himself when he did finally talk... Thank You both..Until we meet again.. Dr. R "Hockey has 3 fowards and 2 defensman"!! LOL!!

Gary Hine

Simply Outstanding! - Michele

Dear Dr. Stockhausen,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for making my procedure today a breeze.  Your warm and welcoming personality and calm office enviroment made the time fly by.  I never thought I would say I enjoyed getting a root canal but today I did.  I know that your practice will be a success and  wish you and your staff all the best.  Thanks again!  Matt N.  

The doctor and assistant work well together.  I would recommend you to my family and friends. Secretary great also.  I was very comfortable through the procedure. Thank you. - R. Knight

Just keep doing what you are doing, don't change anything.  It was great. Thank you. - Agnes

I would highly recommend the office and staff - M. Corcoran

I want to thank you so much for your kindness in the way you take care of your patients.  The time and thought you put into doing your best is extraordinary. You are one of a kind and thank you for taking care of me and my family.   Fondly - Deb M.

I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to you and your entire staff.  Having a root canal done isn't the most pleasant thought in the world, but you and your staff made it as pleasant as possible.  I truly appreciate the way I was treated in your office and actually enjoyed watching the whole procedure (I know it sounds weird, but it was very interesting)! 

Thanks again for your kindness, your professionalism & the caring way that I was taken care of!   Sincerely,   Colleen S.


Excellent staff, excellent care. Beautiful office. Definitely highly recommend Dr. Stockhausen. She is caring, knowledgeable and very skilled. My tooth already feels better less than 3 hours after the root canal. Thank you Dr. Stockhausen!


You made our "Top 5 list of the things that saved my daughters wedding" list by fixing my tooth.  - Carolyn

I wish you were my dentist - Greg

That was the best dental procedure I ever had - Vicki (It was a dental surgery!)

Came in for a root canal and in the past was in a lot during and after. Dr. Stockhausen and the staff made me feel at ease and I did not feel a thing. You guys are the Greatest. Would and will recommend you. Thank you for everything

Chris Durfee

I was terrified of dentist so much so i would wait until i couldnt eat or drink before I would go. So on my arrival i was very scared but the team at Precision Endodontics immediately calmed my nerves they gave me every medication they could to calm me and fully numb me, popped on some T.V glassesand I was good to go .. They have restored my faith in dentist and would go back in a heartbeat in fact I have another Root Canal and am excited to go back... Thank you sooooo much Dr Rachel!!! :)

Saffron Mccann

I was referred to Dr. Stockhausen by my Dentist for a root canel. I was very impressed by the the staff at Precision Endodontics. The receptionist Megan was very courteous and answered my questions. Sharronda, Dr. Stockhausen's assistant was also very professional and courteous. 5 stars for a very good experience.


I went to your office today and had a root canal done..I was so scared and nervous.i just wanted to take a moment to let you know the staff and dr Askar and barb were wonderful I have never been treated with such kindness .Barb was so sweet she took her time calming me down and Dr Askar was amazing . I have never been treated at any office with such care and kindness thank you.

Kim L

This was my first time seeing a root canal specialist. I had never had a root canal and was terrified from the stories I’ve heard from a few of my friends. When I saw Dr. Askar, he was very informative, sympathetic and knowledgeable about my tooth. I felt very comfortable with him. From the minute he numbed me up to the end of the procedure, I did not feel anything. The procedure was quick and the best part of it was that he was so thorough! Best appointment and best Endodontist! I highly recommend him to everyone in need of a root canal! Regards! Bashar Zoma

Bashar Zoma

My root canal, performed by Dr. Askar yesterday, went so smoothly, I had to write a review. I was very nervous going in. I have had other root canals at other offices that were very unpleasant. This one was different. Dr. Askar was very reassuring throughout the procedure, and Shannon, his assistant did a great job of keeping me calm as well. She offered me their Netflix headset which provided a wonderful distraction during my time in the chair - what a great idea! Clearly, the folks at this office do all they can to make the patient's as comfortable as possible while providing wonderful care.

Amy G.

Dr. Askar and his staff are the greatest and most professional people I have ever seen ! They made me feel at ease , and explain all of my options , and made the procedure as painless as possible . I would definitely recommend Precision Endodontic , and especially Dr. Askar , for any oral surgery needs . Dr. Askar has a great chair side manner !!

Bill W.

I was extremely pleased with the staff and especially Dr.Askar. I needed quick appointments because of a travel need and was accomodated immediately! My care at his hands was excellent and thoughtul for my needs. The experience was thorough and above expectation!

Marian Kantor

I hate going to the dentist so imagine going to get your teeth cleaned with your regular dentist in the morning and ending up going to an endodontist a few hours later. With a call from my dentist, I had an appointment immediately. From the moment I walked in Precision Endodontics every member of the staff was kind and warm and understanding, each doing everything they could to help me through my procedure. Each staff member explained multiple times and answered my questions with patience. I love the front desk staff, the tech staff and especially Dr. Rachel. They made me feel as comfortable as possible. Highly highly recommend. I would give them more stars if it was allowed. Also note that the dr called me the next day just to check on me. 10 STARS!

Denise Stacer

Dr Stockhausen is wonderful and kind!!! Super sweet and professional Tech that prepped me for the doctor!! Everyone in the office was very friendly and professional! Very clean and soothing office environment. Great work!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

Harriet Manoogian

I came in in serious pain and everyone on the team was very caring. I especially appreciated the professionalism and caring and thoughtful care provide by Dr. Kari Brodsky and assistant MJ. My root canal was done with zero pain. If you must have a Root canal, I highly recommend Dr. Brodsky and team.

Nick V

I was recommended by Plymouth Dental to get a root canal at Precision. I couldn't be happier with the great staff that welcomed me and made me feel comfortable with getting my root canal on 26. I was a bit nervous but Dr Stockhausen with her team we're nothing less than great. Thank you for taking care of me.

James Roy

My experience with Dr.Stockhausen and her assistants was truly amazing. Considering the nature of the work I was having done, she and her staff took the time to ensure my comfort and put my concern at ease. Using her knowledge, experience and skill, I left the office not only fully satisfied with the service but also strongly recommending this Endodontics practice to anyone who values professionalism, quality work, and a caring approach for patients.

Gerald Cutler